13. Dezember 2017 um 18:30 – 15. Dezember 2017 um 15:45
2332 KG Leiden

Social Science, Arts and Humanities (SSAH) knowledge transfer is fundamentally different to more traditional areas of Knowledge Transfer.  Perhaps the more significant differences are: less emphasis, or likelihood, of formal IP (particularly patents); the long-term nature of the relationships; more complex (and often informal) exchange of value and researcher’s motivations.  This has a profound effect on the nature of knowledge and technology transfer in SSAH and it is these differences that are worth exploring in order to develop SSAH-specific strategies.  Knowledge transfer in the SSAH is often seen as ‘softer’ that in the ‘harder’ sciences – in this course, we hope to show that the impact can be far more profound and the tactics we use richer, more creative and more challenging.

Learning Objectives

  • The main differences between knowledge transfer in SSAH, STEM & Biomedical sectors.
  • Pathways to impact in SSAH;
  • What success looks like;
  • To identify the sources of value in SSAH opportunities;
  • Recognising the value proposition and understanding why partners need us;
  • How to Identify and triage potential SSAH opportunities;
  • Nurturing early stage potential projects;
  • To understand the diversity of revenue models from SSAH engagements;
  • Models and mechanisms for engagement with public bodies;
  • The nature of IP in SSAH projects;
  • Knowing when to formalise relationships;
  • Some models and mechanisms of engagement with for-profits;
  • Strategies for public engagement;
  • Why universities invest in SSAH knowledge transfer ?
  • Measuring and reporting outputs – selling your success;
  • Understanding academic drivers & benefits;
  • Optimising the overall return to the academic and university;
  • Stimulating more activity

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