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(Third) Mission Possible!

Research, teaching and the provision of knowledge – these are the essential tasks – missions – of universities. The Knowledge Transfer Center West (WTZ West), a network of eleven West-Austrian universities, also takes care of this so-called “third mission”.

In science, research and training of young scientists have always been the core tasks of every university. But how the provision of knowledge can be professionalized and moreover, who dedicates him- or herself to this task raises challenging questions. Especially as the provision and transfer of knowledge and technology becomes more complex and time-consuming.

It is all the more important to put knowledge transfer on top of the academic to-do list. Six universities, including associated partners, joined forces in 2014 in Upper Austria, Salzburg and Tyrol to form the Knowledge Transfer Center West together.

Beginning with the second phase, starting in 2019, the partnership even grew. Starting in autumn 2022 four universities of applied sciences and six universities at Innsbruck, Kufstein, Salzburg, Linz, Hagenberg, Wels and Steyr will now be working intensively on the numerous challenges of the Third Mission.

Opening new knowledge horizons together

The Knowledge Transfer Centre West (WTZ West) is Western Austria’s most important competence centre for academic knowledge and technology transfer. Our aim is to optimize cooperation between the individual universities and improve their interfaces with economy and society. Through joint projects and activities, we seek to intensify knowledge and technology transfer in a sustainable way, identifying exploitation potentials and making use of synergies.

Paving the way for innovation

As we are particularly interested in knowledge transfer in areas beyond commercialization, we have a special focus on humanities, social sciences and cultural studies as well as on the arts, as these areas are often a vital basis for social innovation. By dealing with topics such as entrepreneurship or future-oriented copyright issues, our aim is to create new standards of interdisciplinary work.
Last but not least, an important task of the WTZ West is to put the spotlight on research in general, solidifying Austria’s reputation as an excellent research and business location.

How do you benefit from the services of the WTZ West?

The WTZ West gets you in touch with the perfect experts for your research query. No matter what kind of business problem you need an academic research partner for – the WTZ West is your research interface, getting you in touch with the perfect people. Using the WTZ West as your central hub will help you cut down on time and costs because you don’t have to go looking for the right expert yourself. Please contact us at office@wtz-west.at and we will pass on your query to the right expert as quickly as possible, without you having to do any time-consuming research yourself.

Illustration: Stefan Binder for WTZ West

Locations of the WTZ West.
Partneruniversitäten des WTZ West.